Board of Directors

President          Robin Untz

Secretary          Warren Krueger

Treasurer          Cheryl Johnson

Officers              Jeremy Stewart

                            Mark Pickhard

                            Sue Trumpf

                            John Tyler

Board of Directors consists of seven officers selected from the members and elected by the members of the society to serve for a designated term.

The Board of Directors can appoint individuals to the Board to fill vacancies to complete terms of office.

Members of the Society are always welcome to attend Board meetings held every second Monday of the month, 6pm at the City Hall at 200 Water Street, Room 103 on the first floor. 

If a meeting must be changed or canceled notification will be posted on our facebook page or you may call (920)728-2685 for further information.

First Aztalan Day-July 30, 1967

From left to right:

Mr. Hill, Lake Mills City Manager Ruth Potter, Speaker

Ralph N. Seward, Speaker

Karl Magnussen, Committee Member

Albert Kracht, President (founding member)

Mrs. William Wolf, Committee Member.