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Lake Mills Aztalan Historical Society's Museum site of 7 pioneer buildings including the 1852-Baptist Church which houses the artifact and relics collections of the society. Located just north of the Aztalan State Park. LMAHS is a volunteer based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and relays on donations and volunteerism to support the historic museum site, programs and collections.

Ancient Aztalan
Lake Mills

The "Princess" mound is also on the museum grounds. The burial has no known parallel in Wisconsin for a ancient female. She was wrapped with three beaded belts containing more than 1,900 shell beads total. The beads used were chiefly discoidal ones made evidently from the shells of the river clam, though several short, tubular beads, probably made from the columella of the Gulf Coast shell, were found. White sand was put over her grave at ground level before the mound was built.

Lake Mills is a showcase growing communty with parks on Rock Lake, access to I-94, a historic downtown and other unique assets. Lake Mills is a place where visitors always return.

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